Father, daughter and son in law- Feo, Ely and Zeddy- FEO’Z. Three enthusiasts, for whom the Pizza is a passion and a natural impulse to share with others.

From the first time Zeddy (Adam Edwards), a Chathamite since his first day, tasted Feo’s Pizza, has not been able to stop thinking about opening his own pizzeria and bringing Feo’s harmonic and textural balanced Pizza to his hometown. His thoughts and ideas have slowly become realized. Feo’s family comes from Europe, where they owned and operated a restaurant.

FeoThey came to Canada and settled in Montreal in the late 90's. Feo began working at "Argento Restaurant" where the native born Sicilians, Jimmy Argento (owner) and Giovanni Perozza (chef) passed on to him the love and art of pizza-making. Feo worked there for 7 years where he learned and absorbed every essential component of Pizza-making. Feo’s inspirational pizza mentor is Chris Bianco (Pizzeria Bianco’s owner in Phoenix, AZ) who says that he has “a responsibility, to do something with integrity and dignity. Pizza inspires me, fascinates me and gives me hope.” This is the exact same way we feel about Pizza and the process of creating and sharing it.

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